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While we provide comprehensive care for pediatric to geriatric patients, we are proud to specialize in geriatric dermatology. The elderly are special and must be protected from those with less than honorable intentions. Much of my experience has involved caring for patients at this most vulnerable time of their life.

I have dedicated my professional life to setting and improving the standards of care for dermatology practice. As a caring and progressive medical practice we take a leadership role to ensure that patients residing in these facilities are receiving quality care, by qualified medical practitioners.

Our staff promises you the same professionalism and dedication to service for your residents as we give to our own family members; this is the foundation of our combined success. I have stressed the importance of this philosophy to my students and now to my clinical staff at FSMS. As I say to my patients: "To me, you are my mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, etc."

When I first visited these unique facilities and met with the administrators and their staff I instantly recognized that we share the same feelings of protectiveness and commitment to quality for the residents. I realize that your residents are your extended family in many ways and that their families have entrusted you to do the very best for them. This is something all of us at FSMS take very seriously.

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Providing excellent dermatology care for our patients and your residents is only part of the equation. It is our belief that exceptional care requires a unified approach, incorporating your administrative team, health care providers and ancillary staff. FSMS is dedicated to the team and our goal is to enhance that team in every way possible.

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Dear Colleagues, Patients, and Families,

As a dermatology practitioner with over 25 years of health care experience, I have had the privilege of treating many patients and have worked with a multitude of families in a variety of situations and clinical settings.

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